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    We aim to make the design thinking process more productive. By adopting a 'Digital First' vision, we deliver facilitation services for co-located, distributed and remote teams.


  • "Technology is revolutionizing products"


    What Are Smart Connected Products? Smart, connected products have three core elements: physical components, digital components (hard- & software), and connectivity components. Digital components amplify the capabilities and value of the physical components, while connectivity amplifies the capabilities and value of the smart components and enables some of them to exist outside the physical product itself. The result is a virtuous cycle of value improvement.


    What are the opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers and customers?

    IoT products are evolving to ‘service portals'. The delivery of product and services is the beginning of an on-going customer engagement. As an example, investment required for connectivity can be justified through the sale of a replenishment purchases through the new channel of 'connected customers'.


    What are Smart Connected products have in common? These hybrid products participate in ecosystems. Smart user involvement unlocks the potential to discover new valuable services and to transform to connected business models.


    Smart connected products require design, not just technology.

    designs that achieve hardware standardization through software-based customization, enabling personalization,

    designs that support ongoing product upgrades

    designs that enable remote and predictive service

    designs that enable connection between the product and his data

    designs that are user-centered and have a purpose



    Below some examples of already successful solutions...

  • Smart Thermostats


    Nest Labs is a home automation producer of programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, smoke detectors, and other security systems. It introduced the Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011 as its first product. The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector was then introduced in October 2013. Both devices exchange data with each other over internet.

    The thermostat learns your heating patterns, turns off the central heating when not needed and can work out how long it will take to heat your home to the desired temperature given the weather and the specifics of your house or flat.


    Smart Health Devices

    Withings is a consumer electronics company that designs Internet-connected devices and describes its products as part of the Internet of Things. The wireless scale can measure both weight and fat mass and upload the data to the company's site over Wi-Fi. It also connects to various Health 2.0 services. The company provides apps for accessing the scale data for Apple iOS and Android devices.


    Smart Lighting

    Historically, altering the lighting color of a room required draping a gossamer-thin cloth over a lamp or buying a new bulb from the store. Philips has sought to solve that problem with the Hue, a smartphone-controlled LED bulb that can cycle through shades at your whim. You can control the units even when away from home.

  • Above successful examples will certainly inspire, but take care...when asking entrepreneurs about the many business failings, they mention reasons like: *Obsolete/unsustainable business models *Dissappointing customer experience *Bad market fit *Lack of speed *Wrong timing

    ...there must be a better way!

  • You're about to solve a problem or serve an unmet need?

    Dare to ask yourself about Design Strategy first.

    * Hi Startups,

    Think & Act like a Designer...



    Shape, Build & Launch a great promising product fast to a growing market, find reliable capital and further refine the unique abilities of the team: your key areas would one think, but...


    How to be truly customer-centric?

    Understand to design and design to understand, got it?

    Would you consider designing cheap prototyping to test assumptions?

    Did you find a problem statement that assess value to the customer?

    How to deliver real value or how to be sincerely agile?

    How do you explain the value of your offering in a space that hasn’t been defined yet? And how will you earn money?

    How do you select the criteria for a MVP definition?

    Difficulties to build your cross-functional team?

    * Hello Enterprises,

    Consider 'Design Thinking' sessions...



    Combining Big Data and the Internet of Things has the potential to enable existing Business Environments to create breakthrough innovative business with richer functionality and new services, but...


    How to truly empathize with your customers?

    Are you solving the right problem?

    Did you generate the broadest range of possibilities?


    Will you visualize concepts with stories?

    How to develop a differentiated Value Proposition?

    Do you have a clear vision how to interconnect products and services?

    Do you have the data model of your hybrid product in mind?

    Which type of insights do you expect out of the raw product data?

  • "If you want long-term profits, don't start with technology, start with Design."




    " User-centered Design is really important. Life’s too short to build something nobody wants…"



    ...Businesses have discovered a new secret weapon, the design advantage.

  • * 4WHY'S

    (insights continued...)

    Why do more and more successful organisations go and find inspiration for their innovation programs within the Startup Eco-Systems?

    Because: They want to stay at the forefront of their markets. They are looking for the typical agile, cross-functional teams culture facilitating strong collaboration, creativity and rapid experimentation. In addition, companies that decide for this open approach, are enabled for a innovation focus which is far more balanced between internal and external.

    Why the role of a facilitating team within the Design Collaboration Process is of indispensable value?

    Because: ​​Bridging services between Digital Startups and Low-Tech Industry are important to connect both very different business environments in a efficient way in order to obtain mutual growth. Transformation from breakthrough technology to revenue will require a co-designing process with many stakeholders involved. The next business evolution will require a new partnership between those who understand and advocate for the user and those who understand and integrate the technology.

    Why is the Corda Campus an interesting habitat for Digital Innovation?

    Because: As a Technological Hub, it is the ideal workspace where young and dynamic ICT companies are making the next solutions. Here one can find all required competences for the Digital Journey under one roof, from Creatives to Business/Product Owners to Developers. But also Scientists, Service Analists, UX/UI Designers, Project Managers, Graphic Artists, Data Scientists and Brand Strategists. Experienced Professionals from iMinds, Start_it@KBC, Flanders_DC and specialised agencies deliver support & guidance.

    Why is the importance of UX Design more important then ever before?

    Because: Digitized Solutions should be extremely User-centered. Connecting 'Things' must have purpose and should solve real problems otherwise the solutions fail. The evolution to “Internet of Things 2.0” will be difficult for many companies to achieve because of not recognizing the value of design in connected product development. Effective innovation is the result of an integrated, thoughtful process with focus on products&services that simplify, delight, or enrich peoples lives. The IoT with its innate technological integration has a great potential to shape new customer experiences but demands a significantly higher level of design and technology partnership.


    Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So, let’s go exploring.” (Edith Widder)


    Our Facilitation Platform can help redefining your brand's purpose for the digital age.


    New Technology is the oxygen to energize and accelerate the discovery process of the value propositions for profitable business of tomorrow. But capturing the full potential of IoT opportunities will also require business model innovation.

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  • * WHO WE ARE




    Company Mission

    Founded to operate at the intersection of Technology, Design and Business Strategy, niktar.biz aims to be a growing community of Co-Innovation Partners bridging the disciplines of Tech & Business design, UX and innovation consulting.Together with a team of cross-functional professionals, we facilitate the Design Process of 'Connected Digital Products and Services. We pursue solutions with a purpose and meaningful impact on the behavior of our customers. They are ​'open innovation' minded and prefer to involve an external partner in the role of catalyst, harvesting and managing the idea flows into a pipeline for repeatable value creation and business innovation. Thanks to a mentoring relationship, we will deliver support to boost the first mile of our client's innovation initiatives. The use of proven frameworks and methods allow us to inspire the teams and bring structure in the innovation process, from the fuzzy front end till the definition of the minimum viable product idea, ready for prototyping. Our connection with the startup scene enables to bridge new digital solutions to the non-tech companies.

    ...inspired by

    The beautiful metaphor of the insect pollination process featuring the indispensable roles of resp. the colourful and fragrant flowers, attracting the bees who find nurture in the nectar to produce the valuable honey and in return help with the plant's fertilization. A strong example of synergistic interactions within the ecosystem. We like to refer to the above natural wonder with a wink when explaining about our mission and the choice of our company name as a 'comparable' value we bring to our clients, 'niktar.biz': think 'the nectar for business'. The logo finally refers to the User Experience Honeycomb. As an outside partner, we believe to be in a good position to bring fresh insights after being curious about the organization and business environment of our clients. Transforming new ideas into breakthrough solutions, securing your next sustainable business, it is the core of our business.


    ​'Bee Ahead', it is a matter of survival!

  • " Bridging services between Digital Startups and Non-Innovative companies enable for mutual growth and transformation from breakthrough technology to revenue. "




    " Digitization blurs the lines between technology companies and other types of businesses. As an example, makers of industrial machinery, are now creating new business models by using IoT Solutions to offer their products as a service. "

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