Your journey towards the new way of working, just got easier.

New era. Work is no longer a place and human connections happen remotely.
Imagine people collaborating again.
In a joyful way, time-place independent, activity-based, more effectively, more visually and more engaged.
Indispensable but requires purposeful integration beyond just deployment of tools.
Adoption.Think design and facilitation of frameworks,based on proven methodology. The rapid spread of new skills within the ecosystem enables inclusive and inspiring workspaces, sparking creativity, dialog and alignment.
Your buddy. Hands-on support & guidance with a white glove experience to manage this new normal. Our coaching & advising services are ready to help.

Adoption to tech-enabled work experiences
Learning to design frameworks for outcome-based meetings
Transformation to the hybrid work model
Benefits of designed digital collaboration?

Don't let collaboration just happen, start to design it and unleash the benefits of the new way work is done.

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Our Process

The Digital Collaboration Adoption Process



Needs analysis. Focus on current and future state, including process, people, and technology needs.

Requirements gathering
Gap analysis

Design the solution

End-user input. Provide end-users with an opportunity to provide input

Design prototype
Run Workflow Development Workshop
Finalise collaboration framework

Conduct Pilot Session(s)

Pilot program participants should include early adopters, users that can then champion changes and assist in training in their respective areas. As the pilot is being run, evaluate the technology, process, and workflow impacts on the test group. Allow time for modifications before the program is expanded to the larger group.

Pilot Program setup
Run pilot with early adopter group
Prepare Rollout Plan

Rollout Plan

Before launching the training program, generate buzz and excitement about the change, and appeal to users by explaining the direct benefits to them.

Run pi
Prepare Rollout Plan

Provide Adoption Support

Follow-up coaching with focus on how the new technology will support users in their workflow. Custom training, whether a train-the-trainer program or an end-user program, must be role-based and designed to focus on what users truly need to know at the onset of a change.

Follow-up coaching
Train-the-trainer or end-user
Virtual workspaces are vital for business to ensure people remain connected in times of hybrid collaboration and dispersed teams.
Advantages of external collaboration coaching

Why working with us?

Touchpoints. Services to help teams in specific areas in the client’s workflow, often as a flexible way to supplement their in-house knowledge.
Membership based. Fixed Monthly Subscription.
Fast ROI. Short delivery time of micro services means the effectiveness of delivery can be measured sooner and can adapt faster to the customer’s demand for convenience. Digital Workplace. Remote Services.

Network of technology suppliers & experts
10+ Years of Industry Experience
Up-to-date knowledge of proven methodologies
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"Agency X helped us to reach our business goals"

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